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  • Methedrone (4-MMC) is a Cathinone derivative and a naturally…

    occurring stimulant similar to Amphetamines. It is an off white powder which can be swallowed or snorted. Affects from consumption are alertness, talkativeness and euphoria. Risks taking the dug include anxiety, paranoid states as well as potential fits.

    It is currently sold on the internet as a ‘legal high’ and not a classed illegal drug. However, it is illegal to sell, supply or advertise under medicines legislation.

  • Beacon Business Healthcare has its own network of sample collectors…

    covering the whole of the UK. Chain of Custody Blood, Urine, Oral Fluid and Hair samples can be taken with short notice.

    A simple call giving contact details and collection information to our Call Centre will start the process. Services are available 24hrs a day with an arrival time of 2hrs on site from the time of the call.

  • Instant screening tests are a great way to check for drug abuse…

    within your workplace. They can be used to detect drugs and alcohol through an oral fluid, urine or breath sample.

    Compared to Laboratory screening, they give an immediate result and are considerably cheaper to buy. Performance rates are high with approx 98% accuracy, the only 100% method is Laboratory Confirmation which takes 3-5 days.

  • A new Therapy was specifically developed in 1993 to…

    address the dual diagnosis of substance use and PTSD. It is called ‘Seeking Safety’ and evolved through trial and error with many patients.

    The treatment has been evaluated in four studies and positive outcomes have emerged from all. Seeking Safety offers 25 treatment topics, each including a Therapist guide and Patient handouts.

    Fore more information contact us.

  • Beacon can offer a comprehensive Background Screening package including…

    Criminal Records, Civil Records, Employment History, Education History, Professional History, Residential History, Bankruptcies and VARs, Credit History, Money Laundering, Terrorist Activity, Media Check, ID Check, Financial History and Driving Record.

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