Alcohol Testing

Alcohol can be detected in Breath, Urine and Hair. The easiest method is taking a Breath sample which needs to occur whilst following strict Chain of Custody procedures and the completion of the specialist testing forms.

A fully calibrated Breath Testing instrument can be defensible in Court, for a quick indication, an instant screening device can also be used.

Breath Alcohol Testing

The quickest and easiest method of Alcohol Testing is via a Breath sample. Chain of Custody procedures including the completion of a Breath Alcohol Testing Form are essential. The findings can be defensible in Court when using a calibrated testing instrument.

Limitations with Breath samples are the need to use a calibrated testing device and the short detection window. Alcohol detection in Urine and Hair is far longer and can give you information on Alcohol abuse.


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Alco Sensor FST

Hair Alcohol Testing

This method can detect excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of time. Alcohol testing in hair can detect dependency for periods up to six months.

Alcohol has recently been classified as the fifth most harmful drug. For the first time ever, there is a non-invasive service to detect excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of time.

Unlike traditional methods, alcohol testing in hair can establish dependency for periods of up to six months.

Alcohol Graph

As the first company to offer this test commercially, Trimega Laboratories, together with its team of researchers and scientists, has developed a system that clearly indicates or rules out alcohol abuse.

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