Employee Awareness

Employee Awareness can be achieved by using a number of mediums, it is often advised to utilise a mixture to ensure a large proportion of staff do receive the relevant information.

Policy Awareness Booklets contain up to date information on a number of areas such as risks to drug use, how and where to access help, alcohol dependency and a copy of the companies’ Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Employee Booklet
Employee Brochure

Information can be distributed electronically to take advantage of today’s technology. This is achieved through DVD, Intranet Applications and full E-Learning systems. These are all custom built to reflect your requirements and branding.

Employee DVD
DVD Employee Awareness

Roadshows are a good way to enable employees to ‘drop in’ and ask questions regarding any part of the implementation including the Testing equipment used, what drugs are tested for, how does the Policy impact them etc.

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