Laboratory Testing Services

Oral Fluid and Urine Drug Screening

Instead of using an instant screening device, Laboratory screening using Urine or Oral Fluid is available. Immunoassay screening is not a conclusive test but gives an indication whether a tested sample is positive or negative for the drug being tested for.

Oral Fluid and Urine Drug Confirmations

Full UKAS ‘Gold Standard’ GC-MS or LC-MS analysis is available with fast turn around times in Oral Fluid and Urine. This validates an immunoassay screen whether from an instant device or Laboratory screen.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing is a revolutionary method of testing for drugs using hair strand analysis used to establish and verify persistent substance misusers.
The need for hair drug testing has steadily increased in recent years and is currently used by corporate companies of all industry sectors (including forensics, maritime, insurance and rail), and also widely used and accepted by the UK courts.

Screening Method

Hair analysis not only determines the presence of an illegal substance, but it can also provide an accurate historical record of substance misuse. This helps in differentiating between a one-off user and a chronic substance abuser.

Hair Alcohol Testing

Alcohol has recently been classified as the fifth most harmful drug. For the first time ever, there is a non-invasive service to detect excessive consumption of alcohol over a period of time. Unlike traditional methods, alcohol testing in hair can establish dependency for periods of up to six months. This system clearly indicates or rules out alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Graph

Hair Steroid Testing

The use of anabolic steroids was officially banded in the mid-1970s by world sports authorities. The first control of anabolic steroids (particularly metandienone found in Dianabol) was achieved in Montreal in 1976 during the Olympic games.

The official detection of anabolic steroid misuse in sports is based on the analysis of urine samples. However, some athletes take long-term treatment of anabolic steroids during the winter month and stop before the competition, or will take them for periods ranging from four to 18 weeks, alternating with drug-free periods of one month to one year.

This is the reason why abusers can be found drug-free. Traditionally, anabolic steroids are detectable in urine only two to four days after exposure, except for ester forms found in the Trimega Hair Steroid test.

Medical Review

Medical Review is an integral part of any Confirmation Testing and Laboratory service. A Medical Review Officer discusses any medication taken by the Donor which could impact upon the final result.

Reporting of Results

Screening results are available from the Laboratory within 24hrs, Confirmations a further 2 days. Results can be sent via email, telephone on online via the Beacon Business Healthcare website.

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