Reasons to Test

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding the reasons for testing your staff; who is going to achieve it? what method to use? and more importantly what fits within the day to day operation of your company.

A safer and healthier working environment is of benefit to everyone, whether an employee or member of the Public. Testing actively promotes this as long as it is used in the right way with the correct Support structures in place.

There are 4 main reasons why a company should test their staff. Companies can use all or a mixture of these reasons to test their staff:

Pre-employment Testing

To minimise the future risk of drug and alcohol issues entering the workplace. Before a new recruit is given a position within the company, they are tested to screen out possible future drug and/or alcohol related issues.

Random Testing

This is a mechanism to promote a drug/alcohol free working environment. Current employees are selected randomly to undertake a drug and/or alcohol test. Beacon utilise a specialist software programme to facilitate the Random Selection process. This is available for purchase by companies wishing to perform their own testing.

‘For cause’ or Post Incident Testing

Takes place following an incident, accident or reasonable suspicion. Beacon can supply a full 24/7 responsive collection service with arrival on site less than 2hrs from the initial phone call to our purpose Call Centre.

Follow Up Testing

As part of an ongoing ‘return to work’ programme often during the rehabilitation process.

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