Trimega Laboratories

Trimega Labs

Trimega Laboratories Limited are the exclusive laboratory partner of Beacon Business Healthcare.

As one of the fastest-growing substance misuse testing companies, Trimega Laboratories are focused on the development and marketing of drug and alcohol testing services. Utilising the latest technology, they ensure accuracy, reliability, and integrity for each and every case, supported by its confidential client service department.

Trimega Laboratories are committed to the highest level of business ethics and are bound by its internal Code of Conduct and Ethics. Certified to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to assure you the highest of quality standards from customer service to testing.

European Background

European Background

European Background Ltd is a UK specialist providing pre-employment screening and background checks. Thats all we do but we do it in greater depth and by using proprietary products, that differentiate our programmes from the rest. The primary role is to verify that any information - such as employment history and professional qualifications - supplied by a candidate to a potential employer is accurate and meets the requirements of the client. Combining this with Drugs and Alcohol screening and operating worldwide despite the name, gives European Background unique depth and coverage.

European Background has developed new products to aid both production and interpretation of background data. These products have helped European Background to be the fastest growing UK pre employment company.

This vetting service is used to help in the selection process, providing a safety net for employers as they make their final decisions in recruiting new staff.

European Background's specialist researchers check many different sources of information as part of the screening process including Equifax, HPI, Court Records, the Criminal Records Bureau, the Land Registry and Companies' House. Typically, it takes around ten days to make all the necessary checks before compiling a report that is handed to employers.

Checks can only be carried out with the consent of the candidate involved and examine up to ten years of employment history in line with the Data Protection Act.

European Background is fully compliant with UK privacy legislation including the Data Protection Act, the Consumer Credit Act, the Criminal Records Bureau and the Scottish Criminal Records Bureau.

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