HM Prison Service Health Care

HM Prison Service Health Care

Their initial responsibility was to establish and implement a Clinical Supervision programme for the nursing staff team. This provision proved to be a valuable resource and was highlighted by Her Majesty Chief Inspectorate of prisons for the high quality service that was provided.

The skills and knowledge base was invaluable and on occasions the prison required provision of Group Supervision and Debrief sessions following serious incidents. They were flexible, approachable and committed to supporting the staff. Gillian Read

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We needed an initial assessment for a member of staff for PTSD who subsequently required significant Psychotherapy and Care. They were extremely professional and gave us the detailed guidance we required to help our employee achieve a successful return to work.

The Employee Assistance Programme we made available to our staff following the development of a new Drug & Alcohol Policy was very successful with many helpful patterns of behaviour recognised during that period.

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It completely changed my life!

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I was a depressed Alcoholic with no direction, no interest in anyone or anything. I was in a dark, desperate hole.

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Rehab and detox gave me a lifeline. I dried out and with the help from my Therapist, I fought my demons and found my way again.

My Travel 2008

It wasn’t an easy process! At times I nearly gave in to my old patterns – when things go wrong I always drank, but Therapy helped me to find other mechanisms to help with my cravings and self-sabbotage, and I found the on-going support vital to my recovery.

I call my Therapist “my angel”! She helped me when others had given up or forgotten me, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I’m also proud of myself now. I’ve beaten the habit and turned my life around.

Rehabilitation and Therapy was a tower of strength to me when I felt alone with my problems. A big Thank you!

The hardest but absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done! My Therapeutic Programme enabled me to re-learn how to cope with failures, disappointments, anger and frustration, instead of turning to drugs [...] I’m a new man, and now want to give something back to those who need my help and could benefit from my personal experience with battling a dependency problem.

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