In the current environment, there is a need for employers to be aware of the threats and risks that employees face in the workplace. There are two reasons for this:

  • To enable the organisation (and its employees) to function as normal following an incident
  • Fulfilling the legal duty of care employers have towards their employees

Critical incidents are defined as any situation involving one or more people experiencing a threat to life or physical safety or the death or injury of another. It can be because of an accident, suicide or criminal behaviour.

Our Critical Incident team have extensive experience in dealing with the effects of critical incidents in the workplace. They use a range of interventions to provide support and assistance in the planning for, and management of, such events. These include:

  • Critical incident review and consultation
  • Critical incident management support
  • Training and advice for managers
  • On-site support to defuse the situation
  • Individual and/or group trauma counselling
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