Life Coaching Course

Investing in individuals has as much value as investing in an organisation itself.
This is where life coaching takes its place.

This one-day programme provides the context for focusing on developing self-awareness alongside confidence, thereby enhancing personal performance and professional practice. It establishes a framework for creating cultural change by working with individuals so that through life coaching, you learn to identify your place in your world and how effectively you mange your relationships within a healthy work/ life balance. You will identify your preferred working and thinking styles and learn how other people process thoughts and behaviours in different situations. Developing the skills to see and manage your own, another person’s, or group’s, viewpoint is key to managing meaningful relationships and therefore increases personal effectiveness as individuals or within a team or organisation.

This basic awareness programme comprises:

  • Biographical life mapping;
  • Examination of the differences between mentoring, supervision and coaching;
  • Identification of the qualities and skills of an effective mentor, supervisor and / or coach;
  • Application of the appropriate skills for individual clients;
  • Establishment and management of a mentoring, supervision and coaching contract;
  • Client-centred approaches;
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • Identification and practice of the micro-skills of developing rapport, attending and negotiating and influencing;
  • Examination of the key principles of working with people with different thinking and working styles;
  • Boundary recognition and referral;
  • Goal setting and problem solving;
  • Personal image
  • Key principles in public presentation skills.

Opportunities for participant progression

Participants completing this one-day programme will be equipped to continue to undertake a higher level of training in life coaching with, for example, Beacon’s 2-day life coaching course that is currently undergoing an accreditation process with ASET (an external, QCA approved awarding body) at level 2.

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